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A decentralized social
currency for

Influencers, Companies & Consumers.
Solid Security Ease of use Powerfull API Cloud Based Advanced Back-End Payment Gateway

What is Influ Token

Influ Token is an ERC20 standard compliant which is an Ethereum based token that is able to hold any real world value.

InfluWay Ecosystem consists of Intos which is divided for two purposes on our decentralized platform called InfluWay and it will also give our users all the flexibility and convenience cryptocurrencies offer.

Our goal is to make Influ Token as fast and trustful as possible, which support an effective payment system. With decentralized platform, users will work directly with each other. Influ Token will be part of the relationship between influencers and companies where companies employ influencers to create valuable content to market their products by paying them in Intos as a reward.

Influ Token connects
influencers and companies

Influ Token will be part of the relationship between influencers and companies where companies employ influencers to create valuable content to market their products by paying them in Intos as a reward.
This is where Intos comes in. Intos and the Ethereum Blockchain obliges an ideal way for tokens to be sent and handled on the platform. This method is fast, cost effective and secure. Influencers will collect payment or rewards in Intos. Payment will be made by companies and InfluWay immediately converted into Intos. This process will allow us to make faster and more flexible transactions. Intos can also be rewarded by actively influencing the platform by performing various tasks such as creating different content with the features offered on the platform. Influ Token has the purpose of giving all influences an equal chance of earning money on their creation.


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The Team

Jango Saleh
CEO & Co-Founder
Meron Tedla
Marketing Manager
Karuan Ahmed
Community Manager

The Advisory Team

Bawe Salehi
Social Advisor
Nicholas Almanakis
Head of Social
Fabian Guererro
Head of SEM
Sanna Oltegen
Ad Technician & Writer
Adele Tamm
Digital designer
Rebecca Lenells
Graphic designer

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Cryptocurrencies is a new experience for many influencers, so we wish to change this.

By allowing influences to market products in the platform, we open the door for new customers in the retail industry. Through the spread to their follower, new customers will see the possibility and benefit of purchasing their products with Intos. Social platform as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook require a larger public to reach out to more and earn more on your content as an influencer. This leads to the fact that good potential influencers with great potentials never get the chance to work with different companies. This is due to the high demands that the platform has.


We allow each influencers to get paid for their actions on InfluWay. Regardless of their skills and interests, users can earn money with our platform based on what features they use.

InfluWay is taking influencer marketing & e-commerce marketing to a whole different level. And it is doing this by including a social network between influencer, companies and consumers.

So whether you create, share, or engage with product related content, if you’re part of the InfluWay community, you can get paid directly for your contribution.

For each product related Lookbook you create on InfluWay, you earn Intos directly.

Intos can also be given based on the number of unique likes from other users so influencers go out of their way to provide creative contents for companies to see and patronize and users too.

Getting hired by companies to promote their products is also a way of earning, once an influencer creates a content that’s originative, companies see it, like it and get to hire he/she.

In InfluWay we believe in transparency and honest deals, that’s why we provide an escrow service for our influencers and companies. This means the platform requires no middlemen and guarantees that companies are able to transfer payments to influencers in the most direct way possible, once both parties are satisfied with the work then the token is sent to the influencer.

We know that the best part of any platform after earning is the cash out process so here on InfluWay you can cash out using any of these methods:

We have options for our influencers who want to withdraw their Intos. It can be converted to fiat currency which can be withdrawn into their bank accounts, we give it as an option to people who want the money to go in straight to their accounts for a small transaction fee.

Yes, if we are listed on any exchange.

Also mentioned in our mission is the fact that we want to increase commitment and to attract people to use the cryptocurrency hence influencers can send their tokens to an exchange for trading to other cryptocurrencies.

It will be our main goal on InfluWay.

By integrate our own cryptocurrency on the platform, we want to increase commitment to attract more people to use the crypto currency therefore can products be bought as well with your hard earned tokens on InfluWay.

We will not charge you for:

  • Sending Intos to an exchange
  • Buy products

There will a small fee for converting Intos to fiat currency.

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